About Us

“At the age of six, I  started to go karting. And that time, I dreamt of becoming an attractive formula, one driver.”

                                                                                                                                       – Heikki Kovalainen

Our kart racing wear company Details:

Our business type is manufacturing and export. Our company located in Pakistan. The name of our company is Tatheer international. 100+ employee working in our company.


 Since 2002, we established business, provided good go karts racing equipments to our local clients. After the year 2009, we expand our business and start providing all the go karting equipment products on international level.

Also wished to feel good for our clients. Our customers were happy by using our world's best products. They recommended using these products again and again.

Our Vision:

  •          We plan to supply the world’s best quality racewear products.
  •          We plan to fulfill all requirements of our customers to offer personalized racewear products.
  •          For what we do is our expertise, we never compromise on the quality of products and services.
  •          Our goal is to provide the best kart racing product to our customers and make them feel comfortable and admirable.
  •          Nowadays our products exported to the different countries all over the world.
  •          We made all these products with excellent quality materials.
  •         When Our Client Grows, we Believe we Grows,


To be brief 

 Our business is a manufacturing and exporting goods. We provided our clients with the world's best kart race wear products. Our priority is customers' trust and their feedback related to our racing wear products.

Our mission is to sell all the karts racing wears on an international level. Our products are made up of pure material. So if you want these best go kart racewear products Write us now.

Why you contact us:

·         We love deadline

·         Use pure material

·         Superior Quality

·         Competitive Price

Let us know what we can Design and make for you!


TATHEER INTERNATIONAL is not a brand. It benefits brands by supplying them with high-quality products with personalized designs and logos.


  • info@tatracingproducts.com
  • +92 52 426 12 94

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