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Tatheer International, a maker of cycle gloves and accessories, began with the objective of producing high-quality products and is now known for its superior Cycling, Fitness, Mechanic, Sailing, Working, and dressing gloves.
Our items are created with high-quality materials that we source from various countries around the world. The company's manufacturing facility is in Sialkot, Pakistan, and it is completely mechanized and equipped with modern sportswear, as well as well-trained management and administrative staff.

Our products are made by skilled craftsmen, which is one of the most important factors in making high-quality products. We keep our staff up to date by training them in new skills, adopting new technologies, and revolutionizing our quality assurance system on a regular basis.

We are always willing to create a custom product for you or alter one of our existing ones. Once we receive the artwork and instructions, we can make and distribute samples within a week. Our customers benefit from highly qualified personnel and the most up-to-date electronic/digital machinery, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We aspire to serve a prominent firm like yours and establish a genuine long-term partnership with you. Please give us a chance; we are confident that you will enjoy our products and services.



 The cycling gloves are made of a special material that resists moisture, so you can still feel the road beneath your fingers and hands. These are very efficient gloves with an ergonomic design, and fast drying technology and are ideal for any type of sports in hot weather. The gloves have a unique design that improves grip and comfort, so cyclists can enjoy the ride without worrying about getting tired or having soreness in their hands. The silicone pads on the palm help absorb shock, while the mesh back on the gloves is breathable and comfortable.


Our fitness gloves are made with special materials for better grip, lightweight, and durability. They have a strong elastic material back that gives you a tight fit, making them ideal for working out. Use these to help with weight training, circuit training, and any other stationary fitness workout! they're designed to help target individual muscle groups and make it easier to complete a workout. In the weightlifting category, we have a variety of gloves including wrist wraps, cross fitness, and palmless gloves that provide superb grip while weightlifting. These gloves are made with a special rubber material that absorbs sweat and adds grip to the workout. Fits comfortably and stays in place during exercise.



 These mechanic gloves are made to boost. They protect your hands from bumps and cuts, as well as chemicals. With efficiency and reduced risk of hand injury while working around heavy machinery. The full-grain leather construction offers exceptional durability plus shock absorbency. Made to ensure precision and accuracy, these mechanical gloves are perfect for anyone looking to boost their performance on the job. The cotton lining is soft, breathable, and comfortable. This mechanic glove has a unique stretch fabric that allows for increased flexibility and mobility. The reinforced fingertips offer added durability while the touchscreen capability allows operating a smartphone or tablet without taking off gloves. The thumb and knuckle padding are designed for added comfort and protection. The soft leather lining is breathable and comfortable, making it ideal for long-term use.



Sail Safely with our Sail Gloves. The enhanced grip and comfort of the perforated palms will keep your hands from becoming stuck during trimming, tack, and winch operations. The design of the palms protects your fingers from rope burn and blisters, yet is breathable for all-day comfort. They are also windproof, water repellent, snag-resistant, and insulating - keeping your hands dry in foul weather. Our gloves also contain moisture wicking technology to keep hands comfortable even in wet conditions. Our sailing gloves are made of durable materials that can withstand year-round use. They are also useful for playing any other water sports like jet skiing, kayaking, or tubing. Sailing gloves are one of the essential elements in the gear bag of water sports enthusiasts during their trip.


Work gloves are usually made of leather or other synthetic materials, although some people prefer to wear cotton gloves. They can also be made of a combination of materials, such as leather and fabric. Our Protective gloves are intended to defend against injury to the hands and arms. Work gloves, which cover and protect the hands from the wrist to the fingertips, are personal protective equipment worn during work projects. Work gloves are meant to save the user's hands and fingers from unnecessary wounds such as cuts, blisters, splinters, skin punctures or heat and chemical burns.



Our dressing gloves are made with leather used for casual wear. We add memory foam to give you a cushioned feel and breathability to keep your hands comfortable during any high energy event. These leather dressing gloves are part of our collection of fashionable gloves. Dressing gloves are meant for casual wear. They offer excellent grip while driving, making it easier to steer your car. The dressing gloves are ideal for both men and women who value style and comfort during their daily commute or road trips. Handcrafted using high-quality materials, these driving gloves provide excellent protection and anti-skid strength. The leather dressing gloves are an essential part of your wardrobe. They not only add an element of class and style but also provide comfort during a long day at the office.



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